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“I could not have chosen a lovelier and more friendly lady for a makeup lesson. Extremely professional and very informative. It was a laugh as well which in my book is a must! We went right back to basics and went through an entire look. I left Cheryl on a complete high, feeling really positive about what I could achieve on my own. With Cheryl’s help I now have the beginning of a lovely, affordable set of makeup which I enjoy experimenting with. I would highly recommend Pro Makeup Studio and I only wish I’d had my lesson with Cheryl years ago!! 5 ***** Thank you very much”

Review by Emma Forber

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we are golden!

I have often struggled with the word 'mature' when trying to describe one of my most popular and highly commended services, but with thanks to Kylie Minogue, I think I have found the perfect description - We are Golden!


Being 44 years old and in an industry full of young makeup artists, I am delighted to be a more mature artist specialising in beautifully applied makeup that isn't heavy and over applied. I feel natural, radiant makeup wins every time!


As we get that little bit older, we experience subtle changes to our skin and facial features and sometimes wonder if our current methods are right for us. We may also start to consider our product choices and question how we apply our own makeup. 


The many wonderful ladies that come to me are often a looking for a new makeup routine that is fresh and tailored to the skin tone and facial features of the client, whether we use a client's own products or explore new one's - whatever the result, we have fun along the way. 


A professional mature makeup lesson with me is a fantastic way to really explore our own facial features and learn exciting new techniques to expand on the makeup skills we may already have. With a vast array of makeup videos to choose from, how do we achieve a look that is right for us? The answer - a fun, playful and in-depth makeup lesson, either in the comfort of your own home or in the privacy of my home studio. Either way we can have fun exploring your products, new products (if necessary) and getting rid of what we don't need. A makeup bag needs a few key pieces that can create a daytime and evening look - a lip gloss is an absolute necessity in anyone's makeup bag!

What do we need?:

When it comes to makeup, I believe we need to conquer two basic looks – one that is natural and perfect for work and day to day engagements, and another that is ideal for an evening out, maybe a little more glamorous in style. Whatever our age, whether teen, mature or somewhere in-between, we can have great fun exploring a variety of classic and contemporary makeup techniques that are beautifully tailored to our own facial features and any event we may attend. 

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch for a friendly chat about what you would like to achieve, I'm here to help every step of the way. 

10% off Makeup Lessons
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kylie minogue, an inspiration!

A wonderful client of mine called Sue told me an amazing story about Kylie Minogue. Sue recently watched an interview with Kylie and the interviewer asked her if she was too old to perform at 50! What? Golden by Kyle Minogue is a song she wrote about celebrating her 50th birthday and enjoying every minute of it! I thought it would be nice to show a couple of video's be Kylie Minogue as she's a true inspiration. In the bottom video Kylie also reveals one of her beauty tips, and it's one I fully support - it works! Kylie Minogue is cool, dynamic and beautiful and she doesn't give a monkey's what anyone thinks! We are Golden is my own little phrase that gives meaning to this wonderful service. 

We're not young, and we're not old
We're the stories not yet told
Won't be bought and can't be sold
We are golden

We're golden (golden)

Burn like the stars, stay golden (golden)
Straight from your heart
With a voice sayin' "I'll never give in"
Get knocked down, back up again
We're golden, golden
That's who we are

what's invoved?

a makeup lesson outline


A Brief Introduction to Skin

Understanding & Defining your Skin Type

Discovering & Exploring Face & Eye Shape

Devising a Skin Care Regime

Exploring your Products and Regime


Moisturise & Prime

Eyeshadow Techniques

Liner & Mascara Techniques

Brow Shape & Style

How to Create a Flawless Foundation

Highlight & Contour

Blush & Lips

Setting the Makeup



Brush Hints & Tips

Which Brushes & Why

How to Clean our Brushes


Photographs & video recordings may be used.

mobile makeup lessons

My professional makeup lessons are hosted in the comfort of your own home. Additional travel costs may apply for client's living out of the local area. 


My lessons are super popular and come highly recommended by my valued clients. Please do not hesitate to give me a call if you would like to know more, I am always here to help. 

Image by Taylor Heery

personalised gift vouchers

With over 25 years of professional graphic design experience and stationery design, I am pleased to offer my clients a beautifully designed gift voucher. The gift vouchers are a unique present for birthdays, Valentines day, Christmas  - absolutely anything at all. Each card is personalised with your own special message, printed on premium textured card and enclosed in a spotty envelope. 

Please click on the link below to buy your bespoke gift voucher. Step by step instructions are also available. 

makeup lesson prices

(Option 1)

Pro Makeup Lesson for One

How to Achieve a Bespoke Day Look

(2 hours)


(Option 2)

Pro Evening Makeup Lesson for One

How to Achieve a Glamorous Evening Look

(2 to 3 hours)


(Option 3 - most popular)

Pro Makeup Lesson for One

How to Achieve a Daytime and Evening Look

(4 to 5 hours)

£165* (10% off)

£148.50 with discount

(Option 4)

Pro Makeup Lesson for Tweens and Teens

How to Achieve a Beautiful Natural Makeup

(2 hours)


(Option 5)

Pro Event Makeup Lesson for One

How to Achieve a Bespoke Event Makeup

(2 to 3 hours)


(Option 6)

Pro Bridal Makeup Lesson for One

How to Achieve a Bespoke Bridal Makeup

(2 to 3 hours)


Makeup Masterclasses from £55 per person for a minumum of 3 persons

A bespoke price will be given upon request

A makeup lesson requires a £25 deposit to secure your date. 

*Travel charges apply.

All makeup lessons are paid in cash or by bank transfer on the lesson date. 

PAY £25

pay your makeup lesson deposit

(mobile visit) 

Please use the Paypal button below to secure your Home Visit Lesson with Cheryl.

PAY £25

getting prepared

Your makeup lesson is a truly personalised experience where we discuss anything and everything you would like to know. There are no specific time frames, however, most lessons take about 3 hours or so depending on the option you have chosen. We're not clock watching, we're here to explore your makeup routine and how we can improve upon it. 

Here's a list of items you may want to have with you. It doesn't matter what they look like or who they're by - we're looking at what you use to see if it's right for you. 

Please Have...

1) Your makeup brushes, sponges, etc...

2) Your everyday skin care products.

 3) The makeup you use, no matter what the brand. I'm not a brand snob and I have every brand in my pro kit. Don't worry. 

4) Something to record, if you wish. 

5) And anything else you may want to bring along.

I look forward to meeting you, our lessons are loads of fun and come with rave 5 star reviews! 

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