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corporate terms
and conditions

bridal contract

please note, our company terms and conditions are automatically agreed upon when a deposit for any professional service, including bridal, has been received.

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(1) Covid-19 - Makeup Only

Sadly, the pandemic has changed the nature of my business. Due a significant loss of income during the busy bridal season of 2020 and 2021, I will be offering only bridal makeup for small bridal parties up to 4 persons, one being the bride, from September 2021. However, all bridal makeup and hair bookings made with me before September 2020 will be honoured and will remain as booked. 

(2) Booking Procedure/Deposit:

A 'Hold the Date Deposit' of £75 will fully secure your wedding date with me. The deposit is none refundable as all other enquiries for your wedding date are turned away. The deposit is deducted from the wedding day amount, not the trial amount. These terms and conditions are automatically agreed upon when your deposit has been received. Your wedding day booking will be discussed in detail at the trial appointment. 

(3) Contracted Services Per Person:

You may add additional bridal party members up to two weeks before the wedding date, if time allows for makeup and or hair styling if arranged. You may subtract bridal party members, not the bride, up to four weeks before the wedding date. After that, 50% of all services will be due. If cancelled within 72 hours of the ceremony time on the day of your wedding, 100% of the booking costs outlined in your bridal agreement will be due upon receipt of your bridal invoice. 

Please note - the discount only applies to bridal parties larger than four person, one being the bride. If services are reduced, a new quote will be given and the discount may not be applied if the bridal party numbers fall below four persons. 

(4) Bridal Agreement

My corporate terms and conditions are automatically agreed upon once your deposit has been received. The deposit is deducted from the wedding day invoice, not the trial amount. The bridal agreement will be discussed and signed for by the bride at the trial appointment.

(5) Wedding Day Quotation:

A personalised quote for your wedding day may be requested. A link to my wedding day prices will be sent to you by request and can be referred to at any time. The prices are also outlined on the bridal agreement. 


(6) Wedding Day Invoice and Payment:

The wedding day invoice is sent by email before the wedding day. The invoice will specify a payment due date, usually on receipt of the invoice - this is before the wedding day. Strictly, no cash or payments of any kind are accepted on the wedding day - we feel the wedding day should be about you, your bridal party and the makeup, and not about money. We do not attend a wedding day without receiving full payment. 

(7) Trial Payments:

A trial payment is strictly required on the same day as the trial. My preferred method of payment for a trial is by bank transfer. My business bank details will be sent to you via email when your trial date has been arranged. The trial booking will be confirmed in writing with the trial and travel costs provided. All trials are currently held at the client's home address. Travel charges may apply. 

(8) Allergies & Skin Sensitivities:

It is the client’s responsibility to make me immediately aware of any allergies, medical conditions or skin sensitivities that the bride or any member of the bridal party may have. I highly recommended a trial for anyone suffering with skin sensitivities as great care must be taken on the wedding day. Preparation is key. If on the rare occasion a member of the bridal party has any contagious skin infections, I may refuse treatment. It is with regret that a refund cannot be issued for any service that has been refused. Should a reaction occur. it is agreed that the makeup artist and/or hair stylist is not legally liable or responsible for the injury or ailment of any kind.  

(9) Bridal Makeup and/or Hair Without a Trial:

A trial is always recommended for the bride and any member of the bridal party or guest attending a wedding or special occasion. We offer a premium bridal service that provides our clients with the very best makeup and hair styling services. It is with regret that we cannot accept any responsibility for any dissatisfaction from a client that has not had a trial prior to the wedding day. We provide our specialisms, whether makeup or hair styling with integrity and absolute genuine care for 100% client satisfaction. If a client expresses any dissatisfaction on the wedding day, we will aim to fix the problem right away, time permitting, but we regret that refunds cannot be given.



(10) Unhappy with the Trial:

If for any reason you are very unhappy with your makeup and hair trial, please put the reasons in writing within 24 hours of receiving your trial makeup and hair. It is my top priority to ensure every client is happy with their service. However, if for any reason you would like to cancel your wedding day services, notification must be given in writing, either by text or email, within 24 hours of the trial with reasons why. The deposit will be refunded and the wedding date will become open to prospective clients. If any dissatisfaction has been given, I will offer a refund of your deposit. If no reply has been received to this immediate request, I will accept the booking as cancelled.

(11a) Travel Charges:

Travel costs apply for a mobile service exceeding a free 10 miles (5 miles in each direction) to any location or venue of your choice. Charges at 50p per mile from my home studio address of S75.


(11b) Parking Charges:

Unfortunately. some locations have a parking charge. Clients must disclose whether free parking is available or not. Any parking charges or congestion charges are payable by the client for myself, makeup assistants and hair stylists. We do however, try to travel in one vehicle to help keep your costs down.



(12) Service Locations & Venue Requirements:

On your wedding day, our professional styling team require a few basic items. We will arrive 15 minutes early to prepare the styling area. A makeup artist requires a hard backed chair and lots of natural light in front of a window that can be opened for fresh air - it can get very warm. A hair stylist will also require a hard backed chair and access to plug sockets - hotel desk chairs are usually pretty good. We ask that our styling team operate in the same room for timing and communication purposes. 


(13) Overnight Accommodation:

If the venue location is quite far away from my home address, overnight accommodation will be required. This will be discussed at the time of booking or at the trial appointment. Hotel stays usually apply to brides with an early ceremony time. The same hotel as the bride, or a hotel of the same standard will be required, booked and paid for by the client. Before any hotel booking is made, a decision of venue/hotel must be mutually agreed upon by us. 

(14) Just Hair Bookings not Accepted

A minimum booking of three clients is required for our combined makeup and hair services. ‘Just hair’ bookings are not accepted. 

(15) Our Obligations:

If Cheryl, or any assisting makeup artists or hair stylists are unable to perform the agreed services for any unforeseeable reason, act of God, severe illness or inappropriate behaviour deemed abusive to either Cheryl and her team of hair stylists, any payments made to us, including the deposit, shall be returned to the client with the understanding that there will be no further liability with respect to the agreement.  


(16) The Pro Team & Their Responsibilities:

Any hair stylist or makeup artist that is part of my team is hired in good faith to fulfil a wedding day or special event booking, and each stylist or artist is solely responsible for their own level of service and expertise. All stylists and makeup artists are fully insured and are solely responsible for attending the wedding day appointment.


I hire each and every hair stylist or makeup artist on a freelance basis and I am not personally responsible for their equipment or any products they may us - they are a working professional in their own right. Every client will receive a private consultation with a member of the team before any hair styling or makeup application starts. If a hair stylists or makeup artist fails to show up for a booking, this is ‘not’ the responsibility of Cheryl Marie Wright Makeup Artistry. We are professionals in our own area of expertise and failure to honour the client in any way is not the responsibility of Cheryl Marie Wright Makeup Artistry. If this should ever happen (and it hasn’t yet), that particular team member will be dismissed with immediate effect.


(17) Wedding Day Start Times:

At the trial booking, we will have a full consultation to discuss every detail of your wedding day. For large bridal parties, average time slots will be given. Makeup for the bridal party is usually 50 minutes per person. The bride is allocated 60 minutes. Hair styling requires 45 minutes per person. Bridal makeup and hair styling on a wedding day is very punctual. However, time is given to minor interruptions that the bridal party and the bride may/will experience. We allocate time for this. Please respect our start time and scheduling. Unfortunately, our premium services are significantly compromised if the wedding party wish to start later. This is none negotiable.



(18) Lashes:

I use only the very best Ardelle lashes. Lashes are included as an optional extra, available to every client unless otherwise stated. Lashes are priced at £10 per pair. If a client wishes to use their own lashes or decides not to have them, there is no price reduction. A client’s own lashes can however, be applied free of charge.


(19) Use of Client Photography:

Photographic/video images of the client, members of the bridal party or event may be used by Cheryl Marie Wright Makeup Artistry on social media and my business website. Refusal of photographic and video images of the client or any member of the event must be submitted in writing. However, I usually ask permission to use any imagery, but this cannot always be achieved. 


(20) Bridal Makeup and Hair Booking:

If for any reason you would like to book just bridal makeup following a hair and makeup trial, this is absolutely no problem at all. In some instances a bride may choose to use another hair stylist. Although I sometimes offer both makeup and hair services as a package to meet client demand and requirements, the two services are not exclusively connected. Just bridal makeup bookings are preferred.


(21) Hair Stylists – Insurance:

Any professional hair stylist that is assigned to a specific client has their own private hair dressing insurance. Any injuries to a client by a hair stylist or their equipment is not the responsibility of Cheryl Marie Wright Makeup Artistry. Each hair stylist is an independent contractor hired on their skills, expertise and styling experience.


(22) Hair Stylists – Expectations:

When a hair stylist is assigned to a particular client, the hair stylist is personally responsible for their own level of expertise, conduct, products and excellent working order of their own equipment. This is not the responsibility of Cheryl Marie Wright Makeup Artistry.

A hair stylist is personally responsible for arriving on time at any client booking, whether it be a trial, wedding day booking, prom or occasional booking at the client's home address or venue address. Cheryl Marie Wright Makeup Artistry is not solely responsible for a hair stylist’s late arrival or failure to show at a previously arranged booking. I strive to provide my clients with an exceptional makeup service and I expects the same from any hair stylist hired and booked onto a client appointment.



(23 Cancellations - Covid 19:

With the recent pandemic of Covid 19, we are trying our very best to accommodate every bride with our premium services on your newly scheduled wedding day. Everything will remain the same, including pricing - nothing will change. If I am available on your wedding day but a hair stylist is not, you will be offered just bridal makeup and I will help find another hair stylist for you, if necessary but I cannot guarantee this will be achieved. This global crisis has effected everyone, including my business, income and family. I am a small, independent business operating on my own. I am not a large corporate entity. If payments have been made to me in advance of your wedding day, I will do my utmost to refund this amount, although this may not or will not be paid in one lump sum due to the nature of our rapidly deteriorating global financial situation in March 2020. Please respect any course of action we agree upon.

Cancellations will not receive their deposit back.


(24) Cancellations made by Cheryl Marie Wright:

In the unlikely event that I am unable to make your wedding day appointment or any other makeup service due to a change to your original bridal booking, negative communications, personal emergency, act of God or severe illness, I will immediately refund 100% of all monies received, including the 'hold the date deposit'. There will be no further communication once this decision or situation has occurred and with the understanding that there will be no further liability with respect to the agreement.  

(25) Cancellations made by Cheryl Marie Wright:

An arrangement fee of £15 applies to attach and arrange an assisting makeup artist to your booking. The assisting makeup artist is not available for trials, only wedding day preparations. The assisting makeup artist is responsible for their own level of expertise, product choices and client liaison. The makeup artist is insured. If the makeup artist fails to show up on the wedding day, this is 'not' the responsibility of Cheryl Marie Wright Makeup Artistry. Each and every stylist is hired in good faith to perform a creative service on a freelance basis. Their utmost professionalism is required at every booking. 

(26) Refusal of Services:

It is with regret that any client displaying inappropriate actions or language that may be deemed abusive, bullying or threatening in nature whether in writing or in person, will be refused our professional services with immediate effect. I will contact the client in writing to cancel all further creative services with reasons outlining the termination of the booking.