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how to arrange your 

bridal trial

Once your wedding date is available and fully secured with a deposit, it's time to arrange your important makeup trial for the bride and bridal party. With Covid-19 significantly effecting my business and my beauty applications, I will hold all trials at the client's home address. A maximum of 3 persons per trial please. 

If hair styling is available, Lily and I will try to travel together. 

Please browse the information below to help with your trial booking. Trial videos of real clients are also included on this website, Facebook and Instagram. Please see links. 

arrange your trial


how to arrange your trial

Step 1

A trial appointment is usually initiated by the bride. This can be anytime but no later than six weeks before your wedding day.  

Step 2

When you're ready, please send through a 'list' of available dates. We will look at our diaries (if hair styling is required) and choose a convenient date and time. This will be confirmed by text or email with pricing and travel costs, if any, detailed in the message. 

Step 3

At the trial we will discuss the bridal makeup and hair agreement - a signature is required. Following that, we will enjoy a full, informal consultation to discuss every aspect of your wedding day, including the venue, dress, bridal party, timings and theme. No stone is left unturned.  

Step 5

Please note - every bride must have a trial. We also encourage the bridal party to have a trial and on the same day as the bride, if possible. Premium lashes are included in the trial prices. I have used the same lash brand for many years. If you would like me to apply a different brand, please bring them with you to the trial. 

Step 6

We look over all of your visual inspiration and I will create a bespoke makeup look that you are truly happy with. There is no set structure to a trial, it's purely tailored to you and your bridal party. On the same day you will have a hair styling consultation too with your styling professional.  

Step 7

Before we leave, you will be given a full beauty timeline of my arrival time and finish time - all details are fully discussed. 

Step 8

You are delighted with your bridal makeup and feel ready for your BIG day! 

what is a trial

A bridal makeup trial is the perfect opportunity to meet with your makeup artist before your wedding day. With an abundance of styles to choose from, the prospect of finding the right ‘look’ can be daunting. At the trial, we have an in-depth consultation to discuss your important wedding day details. This can include dress, venue, location, accent colours, theme and bridal party to name but a few – whatever is specific to you and your style of wedding. I am here to offer any advice and support you may need no matter how long it takes. On the trial day, inspirational pictures and colour swatches are an excellent place to start before creating a look that is beautifully tailored to you.

what to bring to the trial

Own Mascara

With Covid-19, I am being extra cautious and asking my client's to bring along their own mascara, preferably waterproof. Although thoroughly sanitised, mascara can often carry ;lots of bacteria. I will have mascara in my kit for any makeup application, but I prefer to use a client's own. 

Skin Care and Makeup Products

For any client with skin sensitivities, I recommend using a client's own products. This can be your favourite moisturiser or foundation - anything at all to make the client feel comfortable. Any product in my kit can be tried and used, but if anyone wishes to use their own, that absolutely no problem at all. 


If you have a lipstick you would like me to apply, please bring it along. At the trial we can also explore my lipstick brands and colours. 

Veil and Hair Accessories

If you would like to experience the 'full wedding look',  please have your bridal hair accessories with you, including  veil. Sometimes the bride may not have a veil at the time of the trial. However, a good alternative is to purchase an super inexpensive second hand one to see if you like look with your hair styling. Lily will apply this for you both at the trial and on the wedding day.

how long does a trial take?

A trial can take a long time, especially if there are more than 3 persons, one being the bride. Please leave the day completely open for me. Sometimes a trial appointment can be harder than the wedding day as we're can often exploring lots of options. Sadly, if I have to rush a trial I may struggle to give you the full advantage of my time, as this may be the only opportunity I get to meet you before the wedding. 

Makeup Trial Timescales (on average)

On average I give 90 minutes for the bride

On average 60 minutes for the bridal party, per person

Hair Time Scales (on average)

60 minutes for the bride

40 minutes for the bridal party, per person

- - - 

A trial is a mobile service. Travel charges apply to your address, return. I give 20 free miles to every client. 

A maximum of 3 persons per bridal trial please. 

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